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Buy Lazertag System 2PK Best Price Online

Buy Lazertag System 2PK Lowest Price OnlineThe Lazertag System 2PK provides exciting laser battles for you and a friend. Suitable for children aged eight years and above, this laser set really is a cut above the rest!

Buy Lazertag System 2PK for the Best Price Online
The Lazertag System 2PK is able to rumble, recoil and reloads as you attempt to out battle your opponent.

This toy is equipped with exciting features that include vibration, lights and sound. To begin the fun, simply press the power switch on the side of the toy. Adjust the strength levels till it’s where it needs to be, and you are good to go! Both toy guns included in the set are fully equipped with vibration that helps shooters know when they have been hit. The Lazertag System 2PK also has a recoil feature that activates with each shot that is fired.

Players can use a force field kind of shield that will ensure protection from incoming attacks. The shield also has the advantage of giving the shooter time to aim accurately in order to hit the intended target.

While intended for kids, adults are also able to join in the fun. Batteries are needed to power these toys, however they are not included in the box and have to be purchased separately. The Lazertag System 2PK is very durable and will definitely not break easily unless dropped hard repeatedly. If you want an exciting laser tag game that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home, then the Lazertag System 2 Pack is ideal.

Buy A Cheap Lazertag System 2PK By Hasbro

Save with this two pack Lazertag system today! We offer the best price online on this Lazertag multiplayer set, and even throw in free shipping to make it even cheaper! This is probably the best consumer level lazer blaster games around, and one that kids of 8 years and above will love!

If you buy the Lazertag System 2PK with attachments, you can get an even better deal on what you buy. If you’re still not convinced about this two pack system however, you can compare them to other similar toys via the ‘check price’ button at the top of this page.

Lazertag Multiplayer Battle System 2PK Review

  • This is a two player laser tag toy set
  • Equipped with vibration, sounds and lights for added excitement
  • The laser guns have force field shield and recoil functions
  • Recommended for those above the age of 8 years
  • Buy Lazertag System 2PK attachments for cheap when you need

Lazertag System 2PK Or 4PK?

If you have more then 2 people who want to play with this Lazertag System, you could always buy two 2pks and make it a 4pk. They can all connect together, meaning you can have a 4 way battle at one time! This is great if you have a large family and don’t want to keep taking it in turns to share.

Discount Lazertag System 2PK Conclusion

If you’ve got a son who likes nothing more then getting active and running about, this Lazertag set could be just what you’re looking for. The Lazertag System 2PK allows them to play electronic tag games without the risk or harming themselves. They’ll love it, and you’ll love how tired they are once they’ve finished playing.

All in all, the Lazertag System 2PK (Or the Lazertag System 4PK if you buy two together) is a top boys toy that is worth buying.