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Top Boys Toys

Looking for the best boy toys to get your kids? Below we showcase some of the finest toys that are on the market right now. Many of these toys are popular in the play centre I work at, and have been for a long time.

When it comes to getting toys for boys, you want to buy one that will keep them entertained for a decent amount of time. Many of the below toys not only do that, but due to our ties with Amazon, you can also get the best price on the net. So if you want to save on boys toys then check it out.


Cheap LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet On Sale

This is a review of the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet. The LeapPad Explorer Tablet is here, and ready to take your child’s fun and learning to the next level! When it comes to tablets for kids, there are two things they need to be: Educational, and FUN! Luckily, the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet […]

Cheap Beyblade Metal Masters Triple Battle Set

The Beyblade Metal Masters Triple Battle Set is exactly what is needed to go into battle with a Beystadium. Buy this and other cheap Beyblade Toys here! As soon as the whole set up has been assembled, the battle launchers and tops can be used at will in combat. The Beystadium can be customized to […]

Cheap Metal Fight Beyblade 4D Toys On Sale

If you’re into Beyblade battling, then you simply must get your hands on the Metal Fight Beyblade 4D toys! The below link opens in new window: Beyblade Metal Fight 4D toys are the latest in the ultra cool Beyblade range. If you’ve ever battled one of these toys before, you will know how addictive they […]

Harry Potter – The Complete Cinematic Journey – Best Price

Harry Potter – The Complete Cinematic Journey is a wonderful play set that consists of a great and socially engaging board game. This board game has plenty of Harry Potter movie trivia to test your knowledge on the popular Harry Potter Film series, as well as other exciting features. The puzzles, images and questions come […]

Transformers Dark of the Moon Megatron Toy On Sale

When it comes to Transformers, none are more powerful, or more scary, then the MechTech Voyager Megatron! The Transformers is a legendary animated series that is still a favorite of both young and young at heart. The Transformers Dark of the Moon Megatron is one of the main characters in the film. If you want […]

Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids Christmas 2015

Want the best stocking stuffers for kids Christmas 2015? Then check out the link below for the best stocking fillers you can buy! The below comparison opens in new window: There’s nothing more exciting as a kid then to stick your stocking up the night before Christmas, wake up the next morning and see it’s […]

Cheap Club Penguin Toys On Sale

You can now buy cheap Club Penguin toys in the Club Penguin toy sale! If you’re a fan of the online multilayer game, you’ll love these reduced price penguin toys! The link opens in new frame: The Club Penguin toys sprung from the online computer game of the same name. Among the range are a […]

Beyblade Hell Kerbecs For Sale

We have the Beyblade Hell Kerbecs for sale via the below link. This is one of the best Beyblade Metal Fusion toys available, and a must for any true Beyblade battler! Coming in bright yellow, the HK is sure to leave an impression on anyone that comes it’s way. One of the strongest Beyblades ever […]

Cheap Beyblade Metal Fusion Toys On Sale

Beyblades are one of the top boys toys of the moment, and now you can get cheap Beyblades in the Beyblade toys clearance sale! Link opens in new window: Beyblades have been one of the best boys toys for a while now. With the ability to build and battle your Beyblades, your child can enjoy […]

Bruder Man Crane Truck Best Price

Bruder gives us one it’s it’s best toys ever, in the form of the Bruder Man Crane Truck! This is a small scale version of a crane truck, and accurately depicts the real thing. The 360 degree rotating crane attached to the back of the Bruder Man Crane Truck has a telescopic mechanism that can […]