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Top Boys Toys

Looking for the best boy toys to get your kids? Below we showcase some of the finest toys that are on the market right now. Many of these toys are popular in the play centre I work at, and have been for a long time.

When it comes to getting toys for boys, you want to buy one that will keep them entertained for a decent amount of time. Many of the below toys not only do that, but due to our ties with Amazon, you can also get the best price on the net. So if you want to save on boys toys then check it out.


Bruder Man Fire Engine On Sale

Bring adventure home with you with the Bruder MAN Fire Engine toy! Want a fire engine that can actually spray water? Look no further! This life-like toy is a favorite amongst kids, and for good reason. The crane on this fire engine with light & sound is telescopic, and adjustable in height. It also allows […]

Buy A Power Wheels DC Super Friends Batman Lil’ Quad On Sale

Let your boy ride into adventure with the Power Wheels DC Super Friends Batman Lil’ Quad! Get this and others cheaply in the Power Wheels sale! The Batman Lil’ Quad is a battery powered four-wheeler that is designed especially for toddlers between the age of 1 year and 3 years of age. It has simple […]

Perplexus Rookie Review

This is a review of the Perplexus Rookie maze game. If you want your kids to experience some gravity defying 3D fun, then the Perplexus Rookie will offer just the right challenge. With this amazing toy, kids can turn, twist and flip this sphere thus navigating a steel ball through a series of numbered tracks. […]

Buy Power Wheels On Sale

Power Wheels cars and Jeeps are now on sale! You can see the full range of reduced price Power Wheels toys below. Link opens in new window: Power Wheels has long been the toy of choice for many young children. They simply love having a new mode of transport available to them, and get to […]

Buy Lazertag System 2PK Best Price Online

The Lazertag System 2PK provides exciting laser battles for you and a friend. Suitable for children aged eight years and above, this laser set really is a cut above the rest! The Lazertag System 2PK is able to rumble, recoil and reloads as you attempt to out battle your opponent. This toy is equipped with […]

Perplexus Epic On Sale

We reviewed and loved the original Perplexus maze game by PlaSmart Inc, so when the Perplexus Epic came out, we had to review that too! For those that don’t know, Perplexus Epic is a huge maze contained in a ball. The aim of this game is to guide a small marble around the maze to […]

Marvel Captain America With Glider Jetpack On Sale

As seen in the First Avengers movie, here is the Marvel Captain America With Glider Jetpack! Captain America is no doubt one of the most famous super heroes of all time. If you want to recreate the marvel of Captain America’s heroic exploits, this action figure is one of the best ways to go. Kids […]

Beyblade Metal Fusion Battletop Faceoff – Metal Wing Smash 2 Pack (145WD + 145SD) On Sale

The Beyblade Metal Wing Smash 2 Pack is here! Beyblades are always best when played with a friend, so this two pack is ideal for a battle right from the off! For extreme playing excitement pick out one of five customized tops which will need to be set up using a provided engineer’s assembly tool. […]

Beyblade Metal Fusion Battletop Faceoff – Dragon Bite Attack Discount

If you are looking for a hot toy for your boy, then the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battletop Faceoff – Dragon Bite Attack is the one. This toy is able to simulate real battles and keep children engrossed for hours on end. It consists of custom-made tops that have different exciting functions. There is a choice […]

Buy The KRE-O Transformers Sentinel Prime Fire Truck On Sale

When it comes to the new KRE-O collection, none have been better received then the KRE-O Transformers Sentinel Prime Fire Truck. Combining two of kid’s favourite things (Transformers and fire trucks), this toy was bound to be a hit even before it was released into the shops. While not for small kids, this is a […]