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Outdoor Games For Kids And Parents

On this page we show a selection of outdoor games for kids & parents to keep you both busy. All of the games on this page require some outdoor space, such as a park or a hall to play in.

Some games on this page can be played both in and outdoors, so it's up to you where you decide to play. If you want some games to play inside, check out our top indoor games for kids.


Fitness Game For Kids – Shaun’s Dice Workout

If you’re looking for a good fitness game for kids, they don’t get better then Shaun’s Dice Workout. This is a game that can be played indoors or outdoors, and will get your kids huffing and puffing in no time at all. The best part? They will want to keep on, getting them fitter and […]

Ring The String Game

If your child likes a bit of mystery, then the Ring The String game may be just what they need to get their detective juices flowing. This is a indoor game (Although it can also be played outdoors) which needs at least seven players to make it really fun. Having said that, the more people […]

Finish The Story Game

Finish The Story is a fun game that will really get your kids thinking. As a group you create a story together, making it as fun and exciting as you can! How To Play The Finish The Story Game For Kids The aim of this game is to create a big story as a team. […]

Port And Starboard Game

Port And Starboard is a classic game that can be played indoors or outdoors. It is based on the theme of a ship captain and their crew. So one person is the captain, the rest crew members. The captain gives out one of the set orders listed in the ‘Instructions For The Port And Starboard […]

Grandma’s Footsteps Game

The Grandma’s Footsteps game, also know as Grandpa’s Footsteps by some, is a classic game played across playgrounds worldwide. It involves one person being the grandma, and the others trying to sneak around without grandma seeing them. How To Play Grandma’s Footsteps One person is chosen to the be grandma. That person then has to […]

British Bull Dog Outdoor Game

British Bull Dog is a game I actually grew up playing. Given it’s fun and active nature, there’s no surprise it is still a playground favourite today. This is a game that needs a few kids or adults to play, so it could be a good idea to get some other local parents and kids […]

Auntie Flossie Went To Market Memory Game

Auntie Flossie Went To Market is a memory game that can be played by two or more people. The first person in the game says “Auntie Flossie went to market and bought some…” then lists an item you can buy from the shops. The next person must then also repeat this line and include both […]

I Spy Indoor And Outdoor Game

I Spy is a classic game that can be played anywhere you want. You need at least two people to play, and you can be indoors or outdoors. How To Play I Spy One person looks around them and thinks of an item they can see. So if they are outside for example they may […]

Chinese Handball

One of my all time favourite outdoor kids game is Chinese Handball! Well I say outdoor games, but it can also be played indoors as well if you have the space and right type of ball. This is a group game, and one that is a favourite with the kids at my playcentre. How To […]

Yes / No Game

A simple game you can play with a single child or group of children is the yes / no game. This game requires at least two people: Someone who asks questions, and someone who answers them. The aim of the game is for the asker to get the other person to say yes or no. […]