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Finish The Story Game

Finish The Story Game For KidsFinish The Story is a fun game that will really get your kids thinking. As a group you create a story together, making it as fun and exciting as you can!

How To Play The Finish The Story Game For Kids

The aim of this game is to create a big story as a team. Going in a circle, each person contributes a bit more to the story each time. As each person adds a bit more to the story, the plot will twist and turn. What will happen next?! The story is only limited by your imagination.

Rules Of Finish The Story

Here are the rules of the Finish The Story game:

  • You need at least two players to play this game.
  • Each player must finish off the previous sentence and start off a new one for the next person to finish.
  • The sentence must finish in an open manner, so that the next person can carry on the story.
  • The story keeps going round to each person in the circle in order of where they are sitting.
  • The game finishes when the players have had enough.

Finish The Story Example

Person 1: One day, I went to…
Person 2: the supermarket. There I bought…
Person 3: a fried egg and chop sticks. The only thing it was…
Person 1: too yummy to resist. So I…
Person 2: ate it with tomato ketchup. Yummy, that was better then…
Person 3: that cake I had this morning. After that I…

Finish The Story Game Conclusion

Alongside sleeping lions, this is a great game. It can be played indoors or played outdoors, as you don’t need any equipment to play. The Finish The Story game is a great way to get your kids using their imagination, so give it a try.