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Fitness Game For Kids – Shaun’s Dice Workout

Fitness Game For Kids - Shaun's Dice WorkoutIf you’re looking for a good fitness game for kids, they don’t get better then Shaun’s Dice Workout. This is a game that can be played indoors or outdoors, and will get your kids huffing and puffing in no time at all. The best part? They will want to keep on, getting them fitter and healthier while they enjoy themselves! If you also join in, you will also get fitter too.

How To Play Shaun’s Dice Workout

This game is best played with two or more people, although it can be played with one person if they want. You need a dice and a bit of space to move around.

Players will take it in turns to roll the dice. What ever number it lands on, you and all other players will need to do the matching exercise (You can see what the exercises for each number are in the rules section below). The first time you roll the dice determines which type of exercise you’ll be doing. The second roll of the dice determines how many of that exercise you’ll be doing.

So let’s say on the first dice you roll a three. Three is squats, as you’ll see in the rules section below. Let’s say you then roll the second dice and get a five. These means you have to do five squats. You and everyone else then does these five squats, before going on to roll the dices another two times.

Rules Of Shaun’s Dice Workout

Here what you have to do when you land on a dice number:

  1. Star Jumps.
  2. Jogging On The Spot (The second roll of the dice will indicate how many seconds for).
  3. Squats.
  4. Sit Ups.
  5. Press Ups.
  6. Mad Ones (Crouch down, flick your legs out so you’re in a press up position, flick your legs back in, and jump up as high as you can. That counts as one ‘Mad One’)

This fitness game ends when people don’t want to participate any more, or after a set period of time.

If you can’t do a set exercise any more but want to carry on playing, that exercise can be substituted for another one.

Additional Tips For This Child’s Fitness Game

  • If you are playing with bigger children, you may want to double up the number on the second dice. So if you get five on your second dice throw, instead of having them do five squats for example, they’ll have to do ten instead. This is great for increasing fitness gradually.
  • You can make this game more fun by keeping track of how your child does, and having them try and break their own records.

Fitness Game For Kids – Shaun’s Dice Workout Conclusion

As far as fitness games for kids go, this is up there with the best. Although suit to be played outdoors, you can easily play it indoors as well. It’s fun for both adult and child, can played with one or more players, and it will get them fitter and more active. All in all, Shaun’s Dice Workout is a great fitness game for kids.