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Grandma’s Footsteps Game

Grandmas Footsteps Game

Picture By by sabertasche2 On Flickr

The Grandma’s Footsteps game, also know as Grandpa’s Footsteps by some, is a classic game played across playgrounds worldwide. It involves one person being the grandma, and the others trying to sneak around without grandma seeing them.

How To Play Grandma’s Footsteps

One person is chosen to the be grandma. That person then has to face a wall at one side of the playing area, away from the other players. When the game starts, all the other players have to try and sneak up on grandma without being seen or heard. At random times throughout the game, grandma has to turn around. Any player she sees moving she sends back to the start. She then turns back around and you can start moving towards her again.

How To Win Grandmas Footsteps

The winner is the person who reaches grandma first and taps her on the shoulder. This person (Whether it’s a boy or girl) is grandma in the next round.

Rules Of Grandma’s Footsteps

Here are some of the main rules of Grandma’s Footsteps:

  • All players must remain as quiet as they can when approaching grandma.
  • If grandma says you’re out, you must go back to the starting line.
  • Grandma can turn around as often as she likes.
  • If she hears a sound, it is advisable for grandma to turn around.
  • If a wall if not available to play with, grandma can simply face away from the other players.
  • This game can be played either indoors or outdoors.

Grandma’s Footsteps Conclusion

Fun, energetic, and stealthy. This Grandma’s Footsteps game is one that has been around for a long time, and one that will continued to be played well into the future.