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Green Lantern Launcher Blaster On Sale

Green Lantern Launcher Blaster On SaleIf you’re a fan of Green Lantern, then the Green Lantern Launcher Blaster may be just the toy for you! As you may know, the lantern that the Green Lanterns use powers up their rings. While that would make a good toy in it’s self, this toy does a lot more then that. It actually transforms into a blaster, allowing you to fire projectiles at baddies and save the day!

Green Lantern Launcher Blaster Features

As I mentioned before, this is a lot more then just a power ring charger. So what else does it do? Here’s our review:

  • Launches Disks.
    This toy can launch green disks once you transform it from it’s original state. This is ideal, a hidden weapon that will help you will the war!
  • Flashing Lights.
    No modern toy is complete without flashing lights, and the Green Lantern Launcher Blaster doesn’t disappoint. It flashes green, really adding to the feel of the toy.
  • Blaster sounds.
    As well as the flashing lights, it also makes sounds when you use the blaster. Once again this adds to the feel of the toy, and allows you to really get involved with it.
  • Attention To Detail.
    This lantern is really well made. Both in terms of design and the feel, this is a good product worth buying.

If you’re into dress up or playing out the role of your favourite superhero, then this Green Lantern prop could be just the boys toy you have been looking for.

Buy The Green Lantern Launcher Blaster For Cheap

The Launcher Blaster is now on sale at Amazon, and you can save money on it when you buy it via the above link. The price of this launcher is reduced while the film is out, but if other Green Lantern toys are anything to go by, the price will probably go up and be worth more in future.

There are a few deals you can get with this Green Lantern Launcher, so also buying the Green Lantern mask and ring wouldn’t be such as bad idea. Because of all these things (And the fact you can get free shipping) I would buy the Green Lantern Launcher Blaster at discount price today!