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I Spy Indoor And Outdoor Game

I Spy Indoor And Outdoor Game

Image By Eugene Hood Photo On Flickr

I Spy is a classic game that can be played anywhere you want. You need at least two people to play, and you can be indoors or outdoors.

How To Play I Spy

One person looks around them and thinks of an item they can see. So if they are outside for example they may think of a tree. They then say to everyone else who’s playing “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ‘T’” (As T is the first letter of the word tree). The other people try and guess the word until someone gets it right.

Rules Of I Spy

Here are the rules of I Spy:

  • The person who thinks of the item must not mention it to anyone else. It is their job to guess it.
  • You have to be able to see the item that you ‘spy’.
  • If you are moving (For example you are on a bus) then you have to mention an item that will always be around.
  • If people are taking too long to guess the item, they can ask for a clue. Try to give them a cryptic clue.
  • Who ever gets the answer right, they think of an item next.
  • If no one guesses correctly and they give up, the player tells everyone the item and has another go at picking an item. Alternatively, they can pass their go to the next person.

I Spy Conclusion

I Spy is a classic game that can be played anywhere you want. Because of this, and because it can be played with as many or as few people as you require, this makes I Spy the perfect travel game for kids.