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Leapfrog Learn Around Playground With Tube Topper Reduced Price

Buy A Leapfrog Learn Around Playground With Tube Topper at the Best Price OnlineThe Leapfrog Learn Around Playground With Tube Topper is one of the best toddler toys you can buy. The Learn Around Playground activity center is a fun and educational tool that will help kids develop mentally.

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The play set has two distinct learning modes which are Compose & Play as well as Learn and Grow. Learning with this play set is creatively combined, with musical entertainment creating an exciting experience for children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years of age.

Kids who play with this set will be able to learn a lot about shapes, colors, rhyming words and different textures. It also helps improve coordination in children due to the activity involved. The set is powered with three AA batteries that are included upon purchase. This power is required mainly for playing music.

In order to ensure stability of this play set it would be advisable to lean it against a solid surface. This will also ensure that kids who place their weight on the set will not topple over. Very young children may require supervision when playing with the Leap Frog Learn Around Playground, just to ensure that they do not swallow any of the pieces or topple over the playthings.

This fun game will keep kids enjoying their playtime to the fullest while developing their mental capabilities in the process.

Please note that any wires and additional wrapping should be properly discarded as they could be hazardous to the safety of children.

Buy The Leapfrog Learn Around Playground With Tube Topper For The Best Price Online

The Leapfrog Learn Around Playground With Tube Topper is become a more and more rare toy to buy. Having said that, you can still buy this activity centre via the above link while stocks last.

At the time of writing this you can get a big discount on the Learn Around Playground activity center, so check it out asap to see if you can still save.

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Learn Around Playground Activity Center Review

  • Up to 45 touch points that are all interactive
  • Kids can compose and play music with the play set
  • Musical games can be played as well as nursery rhymes and the alphabet
  • Weight – 11.4 pounds
  • Proportions – 8.2 x 15.4 x 30 inches

Although this Learn Around Playground toy is great for babies and toddlers, it is very rare to have in stock these days. If it’s still available to buy, I’d advice you check to see if there’s a reduced price and buy the Leapfrog Learn Around Playground with Tube Topper while you still can.