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Marvel Captain America With Glider Jetpack On Sale

Buy The Marvel Captain America With Glider Jetpack For The Best Price OnlineAs seen in the First Avengers movie, here is the Marvel Captain America With Glider Jetpack!

Captain America is no doubt one of the most famous super heroes of all time. If you want to recreate the marvel of Captain America’s heroic exploits, this action figure is one of the best ways to go. Kids will be able to help fight evil by gliding through the air and swooping down on evil wrongdoers using a special jet pack. With a power shield, Captain America is able to repel any attacks from enemies.

This action figure comes in bold blue, red and white colors which gives it an eye-catching appeal. Captain America is on a mission to save all in trouble, and with wing blasters that are detachable; this super hero is simply unstoppable. The jetpack on Captain America’s back is able to fire ammunition by simply pressing a button. This jet pack consists of two pieces that attach to Captain America’s back. The shield however cannot be attached to captain America’s hand. Note: You can get your own ‘true size’ Captain American Disk Launching Shield on sale here.

The wing blasters are quite incredible, and give Captain America a powerful look which is quite intimidating for any possible enemies. With all these special features, any child from 4 years onwards will have tones of fun playing with this exciting toy. The mid flight attacks and fearless heart of Captain America endures him to many children all over the world. There is no doubt that there is no action figure collection that would be complete without a Marvel Captain America with Glider Jetpack.

Buy The Marvel Captain America With Glider Jetpack On Sale

The Glider Jetpack Captain America is now on save. You can save 12% on the recommended retail price, meaning buying with us you’ll get the best price online. Captain America has always been a top super hero, and now with even as a toy he’s still up there with the best!

There is free shipping on this Captain America action figure, making it a cheap addition to your collection. Well will soon be getting more discount Captain America figures in stock, so keep checking back for more reduced price boys toys.

Marvel Captain America With Glider Jetpack Review

  • Has a unique Air Assault Glider Jet pack that offers special aerodynamics for flying
  • Comes with a special shield launcher
  • Special wing blasters are detachable
  • Comes in vibrant and bold blue, red and white colors
  • Product proportions – 1.5 x 7.4 x 8.1 inches
  • Recommended for children who are 4 years old and above

I’ve always been a fan of the Green Lantern toys, but the Captain American toys are just as good. If you liked the Captain America, The First Avenger film, you’ll love the Marvel Captain America With Glider Jetpack toy.