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Memory Tray Game

The Memory Tray GameOne of my favourite games as a kid was the Memory Tray. This is a game that is easy to set up, but tons of fun to play. Not only does it provide entertainment for both kids and parents alike, but it also helps improve your memory skills.

Rules On How To Play Memory Tray

The rules of memory tray is easy to get the hang of. The organiser of the game sets out a selection of different items on a tray. These can be any items you want, from different food types, to different household objects or even books.

The tray is brought into the area of play, when the other player (Or players) have thirty seconds to look at and remember all the items on the tray. Then tray is then brought away again, and one item is removed.

Once the item is removed, the tray is brought back to the player. The player then has to guess which item is removed. Each person only gets one guess, so make sure they think before speaking!

Things To Note When Playing Memory Tray

  • As you kids get better at Memory Tray, you may want to start adding more items to the tray. This makes it more difficult for them, and will improve their memory.
  • If you have a lot of kids playing, you may want to make a tournament out of it. Each turn the players write their answer down, and who ever gets it right they go through to the next round. The winner is the person that makes it till the end.

Alternative To Memory Tray

Instead of taking an item away, why not add an item instead? Or if you want to make it really tricky, why not take one away and add one on the same go? There are a lot of different ways you can adapt this game to keep it interesting, so don’t be afraid to add your own twist to it. Why not do a doll themed tray for example?

Memory Tray is both a fun and educational game, and a worth addition to anyone’s games catalogue.