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Perplexus Epic On Sale

Buy A Reduced Price Perplexus Epic Maze Game For CheapWe reviewed and loved the original Perplexus maze game by PlaSmart Inc, so when the Perplexus Epic came out, we had to review that too!

Buy Perplexus Epic On Sale and Save
For those that don’t know, Perplexus Epic is a huge maze contained in a ball. The aim of this game is to guide a small marble around the maze to it’s final destination. This is easier said then done however, as there are numerous twists and turns along the way.

You really have to have your wits about you to complete this game. At some stages you’ll need to move the ball fast, at some points slow. Should you use the wrong speed or tilt the ball too much, your ball will go wayward and you’ll have to start again.

If you’re into problem solving, this toy is guaranteed to have you hooked for hours.

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Perplexus Epic is now on sale for it’s best price ever! Buying via the above link you can save 19% off the recommended retail price. We can offer you a reduced price Perplexus Epic as we ship through Amazon. This allows us to give you the best deals on Perplexus and many other kids toys.

This toy comes with free shipping, so you really do get a cheap Perplexus Epic maze game. Great if you’re trying to save money but want a new educational toy as well.

Perplexus Epic Maze Game Review

Here is a quick review of the features you’ll get when you buy Perplexus Epic:

  • Your hand to eye coordination is build up as you try to guide the marble through this Perplexus maze game.
  • Although the recommended age is from 6 to 10 year olds, adults will enjoy this toy just as much as their kids.
  • As everything is contained in one ball, there are no pieces that can get lost. This means you can bring Perplexus with you wherever you go and not worry about pieces going missing.
  • As there is free shipping and a low price from the off, there is no hidden costs. When you buy the Perplexus Epic maze game from PlaSmart Inc, you only pay the shown price. You can compare this price via the above link.

If you’re boy or girl is into mazes, then the Perplexus Epic toy is a must buy.