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Port And Starboard Game

Port And Starboard Game

Picture By dcysurfer On Flickr

Port And Starboard is a classic game that can be played indoors or outdoors. It is based on the theme of a ship captain and their crew. So one person is the captain, the rest crew members. The captain gives out one of the set orders listed in the ‘Instructions For The Port And Starboard Game’ section below. The crew then does the matching actions. Great as a warm up game, a energy burner, or a party game.

This game can be played with two or more people.

Instructions For The Port And Starboard Game

Here are the commands for how to play Port And Starboard:

  • Port: Everyone runs to the top of the playing area.
  • Starboard: Everyone runs to the bottom of the playing area.
  • Bow: Everyone runs to the left of the playing area.
  • Stern: Everyone runs to the right of the playing area.
  • Captain’s Coming: Kids salute and shout “Aye aye captain”.
  • Climb The Ladder (Or Climb The Rigging): Kids pretend to climb a ladder.
  • Crows Nest: Look for a far away crows nest.
  • Sweep The Decks: All kids pretend to clean the floor.
  • To The Lifeboats: (If you have a group of players) Get into groups of three, hold hands and sit down.
  • Boat Sinking: All kids sit down as fast as they can.

Rules For Port And Starboard

You can either play Port & Starboard for fun until you are ready to stop, or you can make people get out. If you opt to play in the second way, you can make it so the last person to do the correct move is out.

If a player is out, they sit out until the next round.

Port And Starboard is a classic kids game that can be enjoyed just as much by parents.