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Sleeping Lions Game

Sleeping Lions Game

Lions Pic By wwarby At Flickr

Sleeping Lions game is a great game for both kids and adults alike. The kids love it because they get to play a fun game, and adults love it because it’s a great way to get the kids to calm down and give them a quick break. Here’s how to play sleeping lions.

How To Play Sleeping Lions Game

The aim of the game is simple: The kid (Or kids) have to lie on the floor and be as still as they can. They are the lions. When the ‘judge’ is ready (That’s you), they will count down from three to one. During this time, the kids have to shut their eyes and pretend to sleep. From this moment on they have to remain as still as they can, as any obvious movement will mean that they’re out.

Rules Of The Sleeping Lions Kids Games

  • The eyes of all the sleeping lions must be shut during the game.
  • While the lions are sleeping, the judge is allowed to trick them into moving. They can only do this verbally however, and they can’t touch the lions.
  • If a lion is out, you need to tell them they’re out and tap them on the shoulder at the same time. This is so they know it’s for real. You could always tell them they’re out without tapping them on the shoulder as a trick, and if they get up then they will really be out.
  • If you’re playing with multiple lions, the last one remaining wins.

How To Play Sleeping Lions – Additional Game Points

When they first play this, younger or more hyperactive kids may find it hard to stay still for very long. For hyperactive kids, you may want to make it seem like a fun challenge to them. If they are out quick, tell them you’re starting again and they have to do better this time. Keep going until they become better and manage to spend longer lying down.

With younger kids, you may want to play without tricking them. They may not get the whole concept of you telling them to do one thing but not meaning it, and it could confuse the way they react to what you say in future.

How To Play Sleeping Lions Game Conclusion

And that’s how to play sleeping lions. Not only can it be a great way to calm hyperactive kids, but it can also give you some down time. With any luck, your sleeping lions will fall asleep for real. 🙂