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The Memory Game

The Memory Game

Image Is By Spec-ta-cles On Flickr

The Memory Game is a game used to test and improve kid’s memories. It is done in a fun way, so even though they are improving their memory skills, they don’t actually realise they are learning.

How To Play The Memory Game

This game can be played with two or more people. One person writes a list of a few items without letting the other person see. When the list is complete, they approach the other person and list all of the items.

Once the list is done, the second person has 30 seconds to mention as many of those items as they can remember. Each correct item they mention is ticked off and at the end of the thirty seconds their score is added up.

Once that person has listed those items, you can switch it over and the other person takes it in turns to list the items. The winner of the memory game is the person that lists the most correct answers.

Additional Notes About The Memory Game

  • How many items you list is up to you. You may want to start off with 5 or 10 if you’re playing with younger kids. As they get better however, you’ll probably want to increase the number of items you list.
  • You don’t only have to list items, you can list places, types of food, or anything you want. Keeping it to a theme can be more fun and that bit easier, but if you really want to challenge them list random items that don’t usually go together. This will mean they can’t associate the items with each other to remember them.

The memory game is a quick and easy indoor game you can play with your kids.