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V-Cube 7 Multicolor Reduced Price

Buy The V-Cube 7 Multicolor On SaleWhen we heard about the V-Cube 7 Multicolor, we simply had to review it. The Rubix Cube has been one of the best toys ever invented. The aim of the game is to rotate the pieces until you have got all sides with only one color each.

This is easier said then done; You will need to use all your wits and tactical knowledge to make this happen. Where you compare the Multicolor V-Cube 7 to other rubix cubes, you’ll notice it has more blocks. This makes it more of a challenge to complete this puzzle.

It may not be packed with technology like some of the more recent toys out there, but it can provide hours of entertainment and improve your problem solving skills at the same time. Ideal for any boy or girl wanting an alternative to their usual toys.

Features If The V-Cube 7 Multicolor Rubix Cube

Here’s what the V-Cube 7 Multicolor has in store for you:

  • The V Cube 7 is called so because it has seven coloms and rows on each of it’s six sides.
  • Even more difficult to master then the original rubix cube, if you need a new challenge after completing the original a few times, this is the challenge for you.
  • No batteries are required to play this game, you simply take it out it’s box and start playing.

The V-Cube 7 is one of the best toys you can get. If you spend long enough learning to master it, you should definitely improve your tactical brain.

Buy The V-Cube 7 Multicolor On Sale

If you’re after a discount 7 color rubix cube, you can now get 10% off. Cheap rubix cubes can be hard to come across, so if you can save 10% that is nothing to be laughed at. Free shipping also comes as standard on this product, as it is shipped via Amazon.

If you’re looking for something to keep your mind entertained and ticking over, you can’t get much better then this. Put simply, the V-Cube 7 Multicolor has to be the best rubix cube yet.