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Bruder Man Fire Engine On Sale

Cheap Bruder Man Fire Engine Best PriceBring adventure home with you with the Bruder MAN Fire Engine toy! Want a fire engine that can actually spray water? Look no further!

This life-like toy is a favorite amongst kids, and for good reason. The crane on this fire engine with light & sound is telescopic, and adjustable in height. It also allows for a 360 degree turn, and can lock in for safety. A slight tilt forward will reveal an intricately put together engine. This is a small scale version of a real one, complete with all the pieces.

To make the whole experience more exciting and realistic, the Bruder MAN Fire Engine with water pump is equipped with sound and lighting modules. One of the main highlights is a fire hose that is able to actually dispense powerful jets of water. Kids from the age 36 months to 8 years old can enjoy creative rescue games with the Bruder MAN Fire Engine. However, due the small parts that are contained in this toy, it is not recommended for very young kids to play with it unsupervised.

The ABS plastic that is used to construct the Bruder MAN Fire Engine is very durable and does not fade. The pieces fit into each other therefore there are no screws or glue used. The Bruder MAN Fire Engine can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Buy A Cheap Bruder Man Fire Engine

If you’re going to buy a Bruder Man fire engine, buying it from the above link will give you a 23% discount off the recommended retail price. It also comes with free shipping, saving you a nice amount of cash.

If you want the best deals on Bruder Man toys, you will need to buy a couple of these toys together. When more then one is purchased, the sale price usually goes down. This is when you’ll get the best price on the Bruder Man fire engine with water pump, light & sound. You will also get a good price on other Bruder Man toys. You can compare the Fire Engine by Bruder toys to other Bruder toys via compare button at the top of this page. Other top Bruder toys include this cheap Bruder Man crane truck.

Bruder Man Fire Engine With Lights & Sound Review

If you want to see a quick review, here are the features of the Bruder Man Fire Engine:

  • Scaled down version of an actual fire engine
  • Comes with a telescopic crane and water hose
  • Recommended for kids ages 36 months to 8 years old
  • Equipped with lighting and sound modules
  • Two AAA batteries included with play set
  • Product weight – 4.4 pounds
  • Product proportions – 18.5 x 7.1 x 9.4 inches
  • Made of sturdy ABS plastic

Best Price Bruder Man Fire Engine With Water Pump Conclusion

This is a top quality toy fire engine for kids, and one that is worth every penny you will buy it for. If you want a cheap toy fire engine, none is better and more realistic then the Bruder Man fire engine with water pump, lights & sounds.