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Behaviour Management For Children

Behaviour management is an important thing to learn for any parent or carer of children. If you don't effectively manage their behaviour, your kids will end up running all over you. They will also find it more difficult to get on with other people, and move forward in life in general.

On this page we look at the issue of managing behaviour in kids. Here you can find behaviour management strategies that will help you deal with bad behaviour in children, and advice on how to handle difficult kids.


Alternatives To Punishment For Children

Today we’re going to look at some alternatives to punishment for children. No one wants to punish their child, but sometimes it feel like that’s the only way to get them to listen to you. This isn’t true however, as there are plenty of different ways you can go about doing this. In this article […]

Best Child Behavior Book – The Happy Child Guide

Having problems with your child’s behaviour? Can’t get them to listen to your simple instructions? Are they biting, kicking, and screaming to get what they want? Let me tell you something, it doesn’t have to be this way! Being a parent isn’t always an easy job. It’s not always obvious what to do, and can […]

Preventing Bad Behaviour Vs Behaviour Management

When it comes to raising your child, there are two ways parents can deal with the behaviour of their child: They can manage behavioural issues as they come up, or they can work to prevent bad behaviour before it gets out of hand. So which is the right way to do things? Before we look […]

Will Telling Your Kids Off Make Them Hate You?

One of the biggest excuses I’ve heard for parents not disciplining their child, is that they think it’ll make their child hate them. “What if they end up not liking me”? Well, I can tell you now, there is more chance of your child ending up not liking you if you DON’T discipline your kids! […]

Does Time Out Really Work?

We all know time out is a widely used form of behaviour management, but does time out work? Well, yes and no. It can work if you get your child used to taking time out. Initially, they may refuse to go on time out. They may get up and walk around, and they may play […]

Behaviour Management Strategies For Kids

Misbehaving children can be a nightmare, so we’ve come up with some behaviour management strategies that can put a stop to bad behaviour in kids for good! Below we look at a selection of strategies to help get your child back on the right track. If you find these behaviour management strategies useful, please share […]

What Is Behaviour Management?

I was recently asked the question “What is behaviour management?”. In response to this question, I thought I would answer for all to see. As a parent or someone who looks after children, it is vitally important you understand what behaviour management is, and how you should use it. In short, behaviour management is the […]

Sticking To Your Word During Punishments

One of the hardest things to do for many parents, is sticking to the punishments they give out to their kids. It is easy to see why this is; many parents don’t want to feel like they’re being horrible or too harsh on their children. The reality is however, that if you child didn’t do […]

Taking Away Privileges From Misbehaving Children

If your child is misbehaving, sometimes it is a good idea to take away privileges from them. Often, grounding your kids doesn’t have the same effect that it used to. Even if they’re made to stay inside, they often don’t care that much. After all, they still have their phone, their computer games, and their […]

Why Bad Behaviour Needs To Be Dealt With Early

Bad behaviour in kids is infectious. If it is not stopped early, it will grow and grow until is too hard to handle. Thankfully, if you know what you are doing you can stop this happening. The things is, kids are learners. From a very young age, they will try out new things just to […]