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Will Telling Your Kids Off Make Them Hate You?

If You Discipline Your Kids Will They Hate You?One of the biggest excuses I’ve heard for parents not disciplining their child, is that they think it’ll make their child hate them. “What if they end up not liking me”? Well, I can tell you now, there is more chance of your child ending up not liking you if you DON’T discipline your kids!

Why You Need To Discipline Your Kids

The thing is, kids need boundaries. As they grow up, they are constantly learning what is right and wrong. There’s nothing wrong with letting them experiment, but if they are clearly doing something wrong, you need to step in and give your child guidance. You may also need to discipline your kids. This will help them figure out good from bad, and mean they get used to listening to you from a young age.

So, will this make them not like you any more? Will it make your child hate you? No, it won’t. You’re their parent. You provide for them, you give them affection, and you make everything feel safe and secure. If you was to disappear tomorrow, your child will surely notice and never be the same without you.

Disciplining them when they are misbehaving may make them upset at the time, but they’ll soon get over it. Later on you’ll be smiling and joking with them as always. As your child grows up and they are doing well for them self, they will look back and realise that you did help them turn into a decent human being.

Discipline Your Kids Conclusion

I am happy I can personally turn around and tell my mum I’m glad she done a good job in raising me. We didn’t always see eye to eye, but the values and morals she has put inside of me has allowed me to be happy in myself. It has also allowed me to navigate through life the way I want to.

Discipline and behaviour management is needed, so don’t be afraid to discipline your kids.