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What Is Risky Play?

What is risky play? Please read this page to the end to get a full understanding. Risky play for children is a type of play. During this play, there is the opportunity for risk. This risk may involve the risk of being hurt, or the risk of becoming dirty. While these things may not happen, […]

Why Is Risky Play Needed?

We have already looked at what risky play is, by why is risky play needed? Well, risky play is needed for a few reasons: It brings excitement to your child. Risky play is often fun. When there’s a small risky of danger, kids often like to attack it head on. Think climbing trees, playing sports, […]

Should You Give Your Child A Cell Phone

Giving your child a cell phone is a big decision to make. Should you give your child a cell phone just because all their friends have got them? And do they even need one? Well, it depends on a few things: What your child would use the cell phone for. If your child has a […]

How To Calm A Hyper Child Down

So, how to calm a hyper child down. Your child is running around, jumping about everywhere, and generally won’t stay still. So how can you make them calm down and slow their pace for a while? One of my favourite ways to calm a hyper child down is to play active games with them. Now […]

Best Child Behavior Book – The Happy Child Guide

Having problems with your child’s behaviour? Can’t get them to listen to your simple instructions? Are they biting, kicking, and screaming to get what they want? Let me tell you something, it doesn’t have to be this way! Being a parent isn’t always an easy job. It’s not always obvious what to do, and can […]

Why You Should Be More Patient With Your Child

One thing I’ve seen a lot, is parent losing patience with their kids and punishing them unnecessarily. Their child might have made one little mistake, and the parent’s first reaction is to tell them off or discipline them. But is this the right answer? While I am a firm believer that behaviour management is essential […]

Preventing Bad Behaviour Vs Behaviour Management

When it comes to raising your child, there are two ways parents can deal with the behaviour of their child: They can manage behavioural issues as they come up, or they can work to prevent bad behaviour before it gets out of hand. So which is the right way to do things? Before we look […]