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Why Is Risky Play Needed?

Why Is Risky Play Needed?

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We have already looked at what risky play is, by why is risky play needed? Well, risky play is needed for a few reasons:

  • It brings excitement to your child.
    Risky play is often fun. When there’s a small risky of danger, kids often like to attack it head on. Think climbing trees, playing sports, and chasing games. All involve some kind of risk, but are loved by kids.
  • It allows you child to get used to pain.
    Handling pain is a skill that all humans need. We’re all going to get hurt at some point, and we need to learn how to deal with the pain and carry ourself through it. If your child gets hurt during risky play when they’re younger, they have a better chance of handling pain in later life. If an adult gets hurt but they have never experienced pain before, they would most likely be extremely traumatised by the experience.
  • It allows you child to test their limits.
    Life requires you to take a certain amount of risk if you want to reach new levels. Risky play gets your child used to taking calculated risks, and learning how to handle the consequences of their actions (Be it good or bad).
  • Your child will become braver and stronger.
    Risky play usually involves some type of physical activity. Taking part in this will allow them to grow fitter and stronger. Additionally, if they are aware they’re taking part in an activity that involves the risk of getting small injuries, they will gain less fear of being hurt in ways they will heal from.

Parenting Tip: Don’t be afraid to let your child partake in risky play, wrapping them up and keeping them safe from the world often has a negative effect in later life. Let them explore this world, and live their life along the way.

Why Is Risky Play Needed Conclusion

Risky play is needed to get your child used to overcoming dangers, and to get them used to handling pain. It can also help with their risk management skills, as well as allowing them to find out their limits. Thit is why risky play is needed.