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How To Calm A Hyper Child Down

How to calm a hyper child down

Hyper Child By jeffkarpala On Flickr

So, how to calm a hyper child down. Your child is running around, jumping about everywhere, and generally won’t stay still. So how can you make them calm down and slow their pace for a while?

One of my favourite ways to calm a hyper child down is to play active games with them. Now wait, aren’t we meant to be calming them down instead of having them get even more wild? Well, it doesn’t work like that. The thing is, your child is hyper for a reason. If it’s not because they have eaten too much sugary food (We’ll look a bit more at that later), then it’s because they have energy to burn. Until they burn up this energy, they will remain hyper and keep bouncing from wall to wall.

How To Calm A Hyper Child Down With Games

Playing games with your hyper child will allow them to burn energy, and eventually calm them down. You will notice that after you play games with them, your child will be more open to calming activities which they may not have been interested in before. It’s during these times that you can read books with them, watch a DVD, or get them to concentrate on doing their homework.

Ok, so game time. These can be indoor games or outdoor games, it really doesn’t matter. What does matter however, is that your child gets moving, has their heart racing, and is burning energy. Running games and sports are good in this situation, so have a game of football with them, see how long it takes them to run from one side of the park to the other (Then see if they can beat that time), or even get them to play a fitness game for kids. You should let these games go on until they are ready to stop playing for maximum effect, or at least until they are starting to slow down. All of these things should help them calm down, and not be as hyperactive any more. That’s how to calm a hyper child down.

Games like sleeping lions won’t be very useful in this situation, as you kid won’t be able to stay still long enough to play for any real amount of time.

How Diet Effects How Hyper Your Child Is

If you find your child gets hyper a lot, you may want to look at their diet. Feeding them a lot of sweet things can set them off, and make them a lot more hyper then they should be. Because of this, it is a good idea to limit the amount of sugary foods you feed them. This will calm them down a lot, and make them a lot easier to manage. If you haven’t already, sorting out your child’s diet is my number one tip for parents.

Calming Your Hyperactive Child Down Conclusion

Unless your child is hyper because of a medical condition, giving your child less sugary foods and keeping them active should stop them from being so hyper active. Your child will display restlessness if they don’t get enough exercise, so have them play some games and get rid of all their tension. Now you know how to calm a hyper child down, give it a go.