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What Is Risky Play?

What Is Risky Play?

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What is risky play? Please read this page to the end to get a full understanding.

Risky play for children is a type of play. During this play, there is the opportunity for risk. This risk may involve the risk of being hurt, or the risk of becoming dirty. While these things may not happen, there is the chance that it will.

While this may sound like a bad thing to some people, risky play is important for kids growing up. What’s more, most kids love this type of play! It usually involves small dangers, an uncertainty of what’s going to happen, and a rush of excitement when they complete what they set out to achieve.

An Example Of Risk Play

So, what is an example of risky play? Well, one example of risky play is a football match. During this match, there is the chance your child will fall over and get hurt. They may also get tackled hard and be injured, or generally get muddy from head to toe. Despite this, football is one of the most popular sports in our country.

Another example of risky play is ice skating or playing tag. In both of these activities there is the chance your child will fall over or get pushed over. When this happens, they may get bumped or bruised. Both of these activities are widely accepted however, and are loved by children.

Why Is Risky Play Needed?

We look at this is our topic ‘why risky play is needed‘.

Parenting Tip: Have a look at why risky play is needed to fully understand this concept.

What Is Risky Play Conclusion

What is risky play? Risky play is fun play involving risk of minor injury or small danger.