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Should You Give Your Child A Cell Phone

Should You Give Your Child A Cell Phone

By ilamont.com On Flickr

Giving your child a cell phone is a big decision to make. Should you give your child a cell phone just because all their friends have got them? And do they even need one? Well, it depends on a few things:

  • What your child would use the cell phone for.
    If your child has a genuine need to have a mobile phone (E.G. They travel to school alone and you want to make sure they arrived OK) then it may be handy. Some kids will want them to play games on; In this case it’s best they just use mobile phone or play a games console instead.
  • The age of your child.
    If you child is under 8 years of age, then I can’t really see a need for a cell phone. If they want to talk to their friend, they can do it through your cell phone every once and a while. Even if they’re over 8 they may not need a phone, it just depends on if the need is there or not.
  • How responsible they are.
    If they are the type of child that is always losing things, then giving them a mobile phone is not a good idea. Teach them to be more responsible before they are allowed one, and let them know they won’t get a mobile until they can take better care of their possessions.

When You Should Give Your Child A Mobile Phone:

While some parents still have reserves about giving their child a mobile phone, you should remember that cell phones are pretty much common practice now. They are not a gimmick, and are the way most people are using to communicate with others these days. It will only get more like this in future, so getting your child used to using a cell phone might be a good idea. At one point in their life, you should give your child a cell phone.

Should You Give Your Child A Cell Phone Conclusion

Remember, mobile phones will always be fun for kids. They have games on them, and they can call their friends even when they’re not around. But unless there’s a real reason to, then your child may not need a mobile phone until around secondary or high school. It all depends on your situation, and whether or not the child is ready to handle a cell phone responsibly. Our advice? Whether or not you should give your child a cell phone is really down to you.