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Buy The Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor On Sale

Buy Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor On SaleFans of Calico Critters have a reason to smile with the Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor.

Buy the Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor house at the best price online
This house offers the mini figurines a charming place to live, one that they will be happy in always. The manor consists of nine rooms, including a study and a tranquil nursery. There is also a spacious lounge that is situated at the balcony, as well as an elaborate patio on the roof. This is dream house for any child, and a dream house for the Critters.

Cloverleaf Manor gives kids the perfect back drop to flex their creativity ans make up great adventures. The day could begin with a splendid breakfast or some play with the young Critters in the nursery. The evening can be spent close to the fireplace complete with a session of story time. These story moments can be lit with a real working chandelier, great for setting the mood.

Due to the Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor having a high frame, there is plenty of space to easily accommodate an entire Calico Critter family as well as furniture. The Cloverleaf Manor by Calico Critters really is only limited by your imagination, so expect plenty of fun adventurers to take place every day.

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Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor House Review

  • A great dream house that accommodates the entire Calico Critter family
  • The Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor has nine spacious rooms that are distributed on three floors
  • The chandelier inside the house is able to light up using battery power
  • A lithium ion battery is included in the package
  • The furniture is not included and has to be bought separately
  • Product weight – 16.8 pounds
  • Product measurements – 36.5 x 20 x 9.2 inches
  • Recommended for children between the age of 3 years and 8 years

Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor Mansion Conclusion

All in all, the Cloverleaf Manor is probably the most luxurious Calico Critters house there is to buy for so cheap. If you’re looking for a top girl’s toy, then look no further; the Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor doll house is the biggest and best critters toy around!