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Chinese Handball

Chinese Handball Outdoor Game For KidsOne of my all time favourite outdoor kids game is Chinese Handball! Well I say outdoor games, but it can also be played indoors as well if you have the space and right type of ball. This is a group game, and one that is a favourite with the kids at my playcentre.

How To Play Chinese Handball

Chinese Handball is an easy game to pick up. You need a soft ball and a area with boundaries so the playing area isn’t too wide. Each person can only touch the ball once with their hand before someone else hits it. When someone else has hit the ball after you, you are allowed to touch the ball once again. The aim of the game is to make the ball hit someone else so they are out. You win the game when you are the last person still in the game, and everyone else is out.

The Rules Of Chinese Handball

  • The ball has to hit you below the waste for you to be out. If it hits you above then you can carry on playing. This is to encourage the kids not to hit the ball up too high.
  • If it is taking long for everyone to get out or the players are finding it difficult, the judge can up the touches to two touches. This means you can touch the ball twice but then can’t touch it again until someone else touches it. You then get your two turns back. This can be raised again to three touches then four touches, or as many as the kids need. Encourage them to take as many touches as they have, as they will be able to use these to get the ball closer to the other players.
  • Players are not allowed to stand on anything other then the floor.
  • Players are not allowed to scoop the ball or take a ‘long touch’. The ball must be hit and not scooped.
  • If the ball hits anywhere below the waist other then the hands, they are out and have to wait till the next round to play again.

Handball is a fun game that is easy to play but very addictive. If you have a group of kids to play and a suitable area, Chinese Handball could be the game of choice for you.