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Hasbro KRE-O Transformers Review

Kre-O Transformers - Optimus With Twin CyclesWithout doubt, one of the most popular toys of the summer is bound to be the Hasbro KRE-O Transformers range! For those that don’t already know, this is like lego meets transformers, and at a good quality.

What makes these toys stand out from other construction toys, is that they come as two models in one. True to transformers style, you can make the robot, then transform it into a vehicle using exactly the same pieces in a different order. While there has been toys that can do this for a long time, none of them have even come in blocks form or looked so cool.

The Best Hasbro KRE-O Transformers

One of my favourite models is the KRE-O Transformers Bumblebee. Bumblebee has been one of the icon robots for this movie franchise, and for good reason. Not only is he a likeable character, but he also comes in shiny yellow. A cool car if you ever have seen one.

Other KRE O Transformer toys we are treated to include Starscream, leader of the (Bad) Predacons Megatron, and of course leader of the (Good) Autobots, Optimus Prime. All of these top transformer toys are easily recognisable, and bare a real resemblance to their digital counterparts.

The price range for these Kre – O Transformers vary. You can get some for discount price, while you can get other better quality models that cost that bit more. We’ve played with the Optimus Price Kre-O bot however, and we can tell you it’s worth every penny it costs.

If you want to compare all the different Hasbro KRE-O Transformers, check out the relevant link at the top of this page.

Buy Hasbro KRE-O Transformers On Sale

After a wait of months for those in the know, these transformers boys toys are now available to buy. There is already a reduced price version of many of the models, so if you want to see which Hasbro KRE-O Transformers models you can save on, check out the ‘click for price’ button at the top of this page.