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Ring The String Game

Ring The String GameIf your child likes a bit of mystery, then the Ring The String game may be just what they need to get their detective juices flowing. This is a indoor game (Although it can also be played outdoors) which needs at least seven players to make it really fun. Having said that, the more people you can get to play the better!

What’s Needed To Play Ring The String?

In order to play the Ring The String game, you need:

  • A long piece of string.
  • A curtain ring, or something else that’s small and can be attached to the string. It needs to be easily moveable across the rope.

How To Play The Ring The String Game

To start off, all players bar one have to form a circle. A string is cut so it stretches round the whole circle, each player holding it in both hands. The ring is then attached to the string, and the final player enters the circle. The circle players have to hide the ring, and the kid in the middle has to guess who has it. The ring can be passed around without making it obvious, and all players should try to make it appear as it is them holding the precious ring.

Rules Of Ring The String

  • If a player in the middle guesses someone is holding the ring and they are, that person with the ring is out.
  • The players in the circle can move the ring around when the guesser is not looking. If they are seen to be passing the ring they are out.
  • You can have the person who is out to be in the middle next time, or you can do it so they are knocked out until the next game.

Ring The String Game Conclusion

Ring The String is a fun group game for kids and adults, one that will have them entertained for quite a while. Give the Ring The String game a go.