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Calico Critters Carry Case Best Price

Buy The Calico Critters Carry Case On SaleIf you like playing with your Calico Critters on the move, then you need a Calico Critters Carry Case.

Calico Critters Carry Case House Best Price Online
This is a one of a kind play case made specifically for carrying your little critters around. It comes in the form of a house, so not only can you move your toy animals around, but once you have moved them you have a house to play in as well.

Currently there is only one Calico Critters Carry Case house around, so if you want that animal magic wherever you go, this Calico Critters carry and play case is for you!

Buy The Calico Critters Carry Case House For Cheap

There is currently a discount on this Calico Critters Carry Case House. Compared to the other calico critter houses, this looks like it’s on sale price. You can save on this top carry case toy by using relevant coupons.

On top of that, you get free shipping and some great deals if you buy the Calico Critters Carry Case toy along with other toys in the Calico Critters range.

Calico Critters Carry Case Features Review

So, what are the features of this Calico Critters Carry Case House? We review them below.

  • An easy grip handle means that your Calico Critters collection can be brought with you wherever you go.
  • This carry case is durable, and able to carry a large number of calico critter toys.
  • Doubles up as a house. This house contains two bedrooms which you can decorate however you want.
  • There is also three separate compartments for carrying your pieces around. Ideal if you want to separate these animal toys from each other.

This is a good quality girls toy, and one that will add to the fun tenfold.

If you want to bring your Critters with you wherever you are, get the Calico Critters Carry Case toy at our toy sale.