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How To Stop Your Child Crying When You Leave Them At School

How To Stop Your Child Crying When You Drop Them At A New School

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When a young child starts a new school or nursery, it isn’t unusual for them to cry when you go to leave them. If your child cries when you drop them off at a new school, not only can it be emotionally hard for your child, but it can also be emotionally hard for you. In this article we look at some ways to stop your child from crying when they start a new school. Enjoy.

Stop You Child Crying With An Introductory Day

When you start your child in a new school, play project or nursery, you’re usually allowed to hang around for a little bit on the first day. Teachers know that some young children need time to get used to a new environment, so many of these places allow you to have a look around with your child. When you’re looking around with them, it’s a good idea to do a few things:

  • Use Encouraging Words.
    If while you’re walking around you comment on things like “This looks fun” and “You’ll like that won’t you”, it’ll help put these ideas into their head. You need to associate the school or play centre as a fun place to be, so they will start to feel the same.
  • Get Them Playing With Other Kids.
    If you can get your child playing with another child, this will help them feel more comfortable when you leave. At least they won’t feel alone. There will be plenty of games for them to play, and other kids to play them with.
  • Show Them Key Areas.
    Showing your child key areas of the venue will help them feel familiar with it. The more familiar they are, the more likely they’ll feel comfortable.

Using Staff To Make Leaving Easier

Staff members in the play centre or school you’re using, will most likely have experienced this all before. Kids crying when you drop them off isn’t an uncommon thing, so many of them know how to handle the situation.

You may want to introduce them to the staff members in the school or play project, and have these staff show your child around by themselves. This will get them used to this person, and get your child seeing them as an authority figure. Once they have been shown around, they can come and quickly say good bye to you, then be handed back to the teacher or play worker who will give them something to do.

When They Cry When You Leave

When it comes to you leaving them, you have two options:

  1. You can sneak out while they’re distracted with a toy of another child, or
  2. You can say good bye to them and leave.

While this first option may sound tempting as you won’t have to see them cry, it’s often not the best option. You need to get them used to seeing you say good bye, and them being all right that you’re leaving. If you sneak out the first day, they will be more clingy to you the next day so it doesn’t happen again. Furthermore, they will still cry the next day when you try to leave.

The best way to handle this is to tell them you’re leaving. Point them in the direction of fun or a helpful member of staff, and wave good bye. They may cry for a bit when you leave, but they’ll settle down and get used to the process very quickly.

Avoid Long Goodbyes With Your Kid

One key thing to remember, is you should avoid long goodbyes. You won’t be able to do this every day, and you won’t be helping your child become independent from you. Keep your goodbyes short and sweet. A hug, maybe a kiss, and a wave good bye. Then turn around, walk and don’t look back. You will see them later on. If you do this, your child will quickly get used to this and become comfortable with you leaving them.

My Child Cries When I Leave Them At School – Conclusion

Having your child cry when you drop them at school or nursery is a common thing. The good thing however, is you can put a stop to in two or three days at max if you know how. Although it may be hard, sometimes you need to just let them cry and leave. This will be good for your child, and get them used to the new process a lot quicker. What’s more, it means they won’t cry when you leave them at school everyday.