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Should You Punish Your Kids?

Should You Punish Your Kids?One question many parents ask themselves, is should they punish their kids. I mean, we’ve all been told off and punished while we were growing up, so should we do the same to our kids? The simple answer is yes.

While some people think they wouldn’t want to put their children through the same things that they went through, you have to remember that discipline is an important part in every child’s life. As long as you don’t go overboard and be extremely strict, you child will actually learn to love you more then if you didn’t discipline them at all.

Why Not Punishing Your Child Could Have Negative Effects

As I mentioned before, not punishing your children can have negative effects in more ways then one. First of all, your child won’t learn any boundaries. If they can get what they want when they want, they are going to find it hard to face rejection as they grow up. Remember, they won’t always be around you. When they start going to school, there will be boundaries that they have to stick to. If they aren’t used to having boundaries, they will go against the rules and regularly get into trouble. This will not only distract their learning, but make it more difficult for the teachers and other students to get on with their education.

As a former playworker, I can often tell which children are brought up with boundaries and which aren’t. The ones that are allowed to do whatever they want often come in and start being very destructive. When they are pulled up on their behaviour, they often try and not listen and will carry on making the same mistakes over and over again. They will do this even if it stops them from being allowed to do other things that they enjoy. This is a destructive cycle, as even if it means they won’t be able to play with their friends or with equipment, they will carry on being naughty just because they “want to do what they want to do when they want to do it”.

Kids who are used to being disciplined on the other hand, may occasionally overstep their boundaries as they learn what is and what is not acceptable. The difference is that when they are pulled up on their behaviour, they appear remorseful and try not to make the same mistake again. This allows them to carry on and continue to play with the things they enjoy, and makes a better environment for everyone involved (Kids and adults alike).

Punishment Doesn’t Have To Be Bad

Punishing your children isn’t a bad thing, but a necessity if you want them to grow up and be a good all round human being. Through punishment they learn what is and isn’t acceptable, and they’ll find it easier to get on with their studies and life in general. As a parent, disciplining your kids will mean they’re much easier to control as they grow up, and mean that they will actually end up loving you even more. Many kids act up as they crave attention, but show them attention in other ways and this will curve bad behaviour.

So yes, you should punish your kids if they misbehave, just make sure you show them you love them as well.